Australopithecus ramidus

The Missing Link?

by Laurence D Smart B.Sc.Agr., Dip.Ed., Grad.Dip.Ed



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What was Written


What was Found

(after Fig 1 Perspectives, CEN Tech. J., 8(2), p: 129 1994)





Ethiopian discovery sites for the Lucy and Ramidus holotype fossils





The teeth and jawbone of ramidus child - The material that the holotype was based on.


[after photo in Bulletin/Newsweek, 116 (5940), 1994]


What was the Analysis


What was the Conclusion


What has Happened Since


What Should we Believe


NOTE: As palaeontologists admit that no fossil chimpanzees have been found, maybe they have been found and all classified as missing links in the evolution of humans?





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