Polonium Radiohalos

by Laurence D Smart B.Sc.Agr., Dip.Ed., Grad.Dip.Ed

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***** A summary of the video "Fingerprints of Creation". *****


This video examines Dr Robert Gentry's famous Polonium radiohalo research
into the age of basal Basalt rocks.


(1) Below the sedimentary rocks on the surface of the earth are the basement granites. These contain radiohalos that formed from the radioactive decay of elements.

(2) The halo ring sizes can be measured and their dimensions are accurate identifiers of the source of the radiation.

(3) Dr Gentry has examined over 100,000 of these halos, from granites found worldwide.

(4) Dr Gentry's research was conducted at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee (USA).

(5) He discovered polonium halos, a type that should not exist according to the principles of the theory of evolution.

(6) His work was published in many scientific journals, including - Science; Nature; Earth And Planetary Science Matters; Annual Reviews of Nuclear Science; Physical Review Letters.

(7) Peer review for these published articles found nothing wrong with Dr Gentry's work. The work has not since been contradicted or refuted.

(8) Years of testing has shown that these Polonium radiohalos are worldwide in the exposed basement granites.

(9) The three rings of the polonium halos are created by the 3 particles released during the decay of the radioactive polonium. These rings represent polonium-210, polonium-214 and polonium-218 decays.

(10) Polonium-218 only lasts a few minutes, but the halos created by this element have been found in the mica crystals of granites.

(11) Parent polonium was detected in the centres of these rings by ionization tests using a magnetic spectrometer.

(12) This polonium was deep inside the rock when the rock was formed, and the halos would only have formed after the rock hardened.

(13) Granites are supposed to have cooled over millions of years, but if polonium only lasts a few minutes, it indicates that the granite rock had to form instantly. The halos can't be accounted for in any other way. The polonium halos then, should have disappeared long before the rock solidified.

(14) There are incredible implications arising from this discovery 3/4 the billions of years claimed for the earth to form are wrong, and Genesis is right.

(15) Therefore, there are problems with the radio decay techniques that are used to determine the age of the earth. These use the decay of uranium as the 'clock' to measure time. Uranium's current decay rate is not being challenged, and the ratio of uranium to lead in the rocks isn't being challenged. Only the fact that what has happened in the past is an assumption.

(16) The uniformatarian principle is the basis for the assumptions about the past. Uniformatarianism says that what is happening today is exactly the way things happened in the past.

(17) Radiohalos show that the uniformatarian principle is false 3/4 something different has definitely happened in the past.

(18) Current chemical theory says that polonium can't exist unless it is part of the uranium decay process. Why then, has polonium been found to exist by itself, as evidenced by the polonium halos? Polonium existing on its own is unexplainable under current scientific knowledge.

(19) This primordial polonium must have been there when the rock was created.

(20) As polonium-206 was found in the rock by itself, this means that the process of rock formation was different in the past to what we observe today. This defies uniformatarianism.

(21) If decay rates haven't been constant, then the uniformatarian principle has been invalidated, and geological age calculations are wrong.

(22) We don't know that the rate of radioactive decay has been constant, so we can't give definite ages for rocks.

(23) What has been the reaction of evolutionists? They have dismissed the evidence saying that there is more evidence for uniformatarianism than against it. They have rejected the implications of the halos.

(24) Polonium radiohalos are referred to by evolutionists as "Just a tiny mystery we can't quite explain".

(25) The results of the polonium halo investigations have been published for over 25 years but they haven't been disproved.

(26) Why hasn't Dr Gentry's work been brought to the centre of discussion if scientists are to prove all things?

(27) Why haven't evolutionists published articles criticising Dr Gentry's work and its implications? 3/4 Because they haven't been able to refute it.

(28) Geologist's built the theory of an evolving earth on the premise that the basement granites formed naturally. They did this without having firm scientific evidence for their formation.

(29) Conference proceedings publications in 1947, 1988 and 1991 show that geologists continue to argue about the origin of granites (see 1947 "Origin of Granite", Geological Society of America, Memoir 28; 1988 "The Origin of Granites", Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Earth Sciences, 79, parts 2-3; 1991 "Second Hutton Symposium on the Origin of Granites and Related Rocks", Brown & Chappell eds)

(30) Rhyolite is a pale rock with tiny crystals that is said to be the result of granite cooling over a long time under the earth's surface.

(31) It is assumed that granite forms very deep under the surface, because they have larger crystals than rhyolite. But rhyolite samples said to have formed 1683 feet below the surface only have tiny crystals.

(32) Experiments were conducted in the 1960's where granite was melted, then cooled slowly under conditions similar to those believed to exist deep inside the earth. The result produced a rock identical to rhyolite.

(33) Granite halos therefore show that granites formed under unnatural conditions.

(34) Geologist Andrew Snelling examined many granite outcrops and found that there was no mixing between the granite and other rocks that formed at the same time.

(35) Mixing should occur if different types of rocks formed from molten magma that cooled over millions of years. There should not be distinct boundaries between them.

(36) Conventional geologic wisdom, therefore, does not hold up to the field evidence.

(37) Polonium radiohalos defy all the physical laws that we presently observe.


VIDEO: "Fingerprints of Creation", Robert V. Gentry

BOOK: "Creation's Tiny Mystery", Robert V. Gentry

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